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It’s a game for the birds!

Our children’s wooden bird nest puzzle is a great way to build memory and learn about some fascinating birds and their habitats. Every nest is an architectural marvel, and we’re featuring 8 birds and their unique nests for your child to match. Happy matching! 

Children’s Wooden Memory Puzzle - Birds’ Nest Set

  • Educational and creative toy inspired by nature
  • Features 8 different birds and nests
  • Match the bird to their respective nest
  • Purchase 2 sets and match bird to bird and nest to nest
  • Made of high-quality maple
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced wood
  • Non-toxic CMYK Ink and Polycrylic finish
  • Tested and CPSC approved and compliant

Birds and Nests Featured 
The birds and nests are chosen based on lots of research as a means of representing a variety of different types of nests.

  • Swallow and the Adherent nest
  • Hummingbird and the Cup nest
  • Kinglet and the Pensile nest
  • Oriole and the Pendant nest
  • Owl and the Cavity nest
  • Stork and the Platform nest
  • Grebe and the Floating nest
  • Killdeer and the Ground nest

What's included? 

  • 16 square pieces - 8 birds and 8 nests
  • Cotton drawstring bag to keep all of the wooden pieces in one place
  • PDF of a set of cards - The cards have an actual image of the nest in nature, a short description of the nest type and a couple of birds that build that type of nest.

Shipping note: Etsy sometimes overestimates or doesn't take flat rate options into account. Wood is heavy and flat rate options are often cheaper. I always refund shipping overages. 

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