About us

About Us

Hello! Thanks for visiting Mirus Toys. My name is Suba. Me, my husband and our two children (who are our primary testers) live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, WA, a city in the northern banks of Columbia river.

I am a computational biologist by training. While I was pregnant with my daughter, my first child, I started looking for wooden toys that can 

  • Grow with my child
  • Nurture her curiosity and keep the childhood magic alive
  • Inspire a deeper connection with nature
  • And finally that I can proudly display instead of hiding when I have visitors.

Not finding what i was looking for, I bought a scroll off Craigslist and started making my own. Once when I saw her playing with it and seeing her eye light up every time she played with one of my toys, I caught the bug. I wanted every child to have that magic! 

Before starting my business I set out to thoroughly research the safety regulations, it took me more than an year to figure all that out. In 2016, Mirus Toys was born. Since then, Mirus Toys has been providing you with materials that you will love sharing with the children in your classroom.

Every thing you see here is handcrafted by me and my team of 5 amazing women right here in Vancouver, WA. 

About Mirus Toys

Mirus Toys offers hand-crafted toys and learning materials, made right here in the USA. 

Designed and created by me, a mom who also happens to be a computational biologist, these are heirloom-quality products that you will be proud to offer your students.

Mirus Toys offers designs that are safe, thoughtful, well-researched, and purposeful. Each item meets and exceeds the guidelines set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission for Children's toys. The children’s safety is priority #1.

Why choose Mirus Toys?

When you choose Mirus Toys, you are selecting products that:

  • Encourage the child’s curiosity and creativity
  • Include for learners who are neurotypical and neurodiverse
  • Allow for hands-on, multi-sensory exploration and learning
  • Bring complex concepts into a hands-on toy that will engage your learner on many levels
  • Provide for control of error and self-correction
  • Emphasize the incredible learning process, not the result

Welcome to our shop! Make yourself at home, if you have any questions, ask away! My email is mirustoys@gmail.com