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How big is my problem? For a toddler, every problem is a big problem. They have big feelings! And every one of their feelings are valid. As adults, we have trouble reacting to every problem with perfect logic. We cant expect young children with no experience to control their emotions.

This beautiful and fun Size of the Problem Board can make this a play activity that children can do when they're calm.

We can talk to them, not in the heat of the moment, but when they are receptive to: 

  1. Help them think through the problems. Talk it out and give them enough time to think about. 
  2. Help them differentiate between big, medium and small problems. 
  3. Ask them and talk to them how they feel about each of these problems. What are their emotions? Why does it bring that particular emotion? 
  4. Equip them with solutions for different problems. The more control and confidence they have, the more easily they will navigate any problems.

It is very easy to say "You don't need to cry for that!" (Guilty!) It is our job to equip children with tools to solve their problems before dismissing their reactions. 

This material comes with: 

  1. Board made of maple, measuring almost 11"x11"
  2. 11 problem cars made of aspen and 1 dry erase car to write your own problems. I am also including an editable word document with cars so you can add as many problems as possible for this work.
  3. 6 solution cards and 1 dry erase card for writing your own solution.

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