SECONDS/IMPERFECT Wooden weather calendar - weather chart

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These collection of products have some cosmetic flaws. They are perfectly functional but not up to our standards. 

This could be due to a wood knot, too shallow/too deep divots, hairs inside the engraving that couldn't be sanded, engraving not centered, letters off focus, etc.



A perfect tool for the young meteorologist 🌈⛅⛈🌨

This weather watcher calendar not only features "What is it like today" but also the curious pieces to predict " what will it be like tomorrow"

Weather chart has on the top for current conditions
🌈 Temperarure dial (with both Farenheit and Celsius. One or both can be removed if desired.
🌈 Weather dial with 8 common weather conditions. If your place has different weather conditions, please let me know, it can be customized.

Every day weather is influenced by many factors - The seasons, Position of the Sun, wind conditions, air pressure and humidity, which manifests in the different formation of clouds. Guessing what type of type they see is in itself a fun activity for the kids.

To reflect that, the second, mid and bottom portion features
🌈 Wind conditions, uses Beaufort scale 0-12 from Calm to Hurricane.
🌈 Seasons. A simple 4 season wheel
🌈 Cloud types. Different types at different altitudes.

Made of maple and cherry hardwoods.
Measures 11x11"

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