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It is life cycle time of the year.

This beautiful wooden life cycle board provides a hands-on tool for sequencing and visualizing the life cycle of plants, animals, bacteria, viruses or pretty much any cyclical phenomenon (including economy!).


What is different about this board?

As with all my designs, it is the best thought-out board that will grow with the child.

🔅 The board not only has spots for the lifecycle stages, but spots for other influencers in that cycle.
🔅 For pre-readers, the realistic/close to real-life illustration provides the intuitive introduction to life cycles in nature. They can sequence them based on growing stages.
🔅 For beginning readers, children can flip the coins and sequence them based on the written stages. The numbers can be used as a control for self-correction.
🔅 For more advanced ages/lower elementary kids, introduce the other players in the food web. Monarch butterflies wouldn't exist without milkweed. There wouldn't be a pumpkin patch without bees. One of the biggest predators for the salmon population are bears. When we talk about these cycles, it is important to acknowledge the helpers and be aware of the threats. The helpers are color-coded in green and the threats are red.
🔅 For upper elementary kids, the open-ended nature of the design lends itself to being using with more advanced concepts of cyclical nature such as examination of viruses or the water cycle. 

The starter kit comes with the board and ONE life cycle of your choice. The other life cycles are listed separately and can be added as needed.

The base board is made of maple and measures roughly 8"x8". The board comes with 5-7 life cycle coins (1 identification coin for the middle, 4-6 life cycle coins, and 4-6 player coins). 

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