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These collection of products have some cosmetic flaws. They are perfectly functional but not up to our standards. 

This could be due to a wood knot, too shallow/too deep divots, hairs inside the engraving that couldn't be sanded, engraving not centered, letters off focus, etc.




Kindergarten Wooden Toy Hundred Board

Playtime is learning time! Our traditional Montessori hundred board has been modified for a bit more open-ended play so it can grow with your child. Introducing your younger child to a hundred chart will help him/her learn to count and recognize numbers and find patterns. It’s an amazing hands-on learning tool and fun too!

Modified Hundred Board
· Educational and creative toy inspired by Montessori and Waldorf approach of education
· Open-ended play to grow with your child
· Available in butter white maple or reddish cherry
· Eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced wood
· Board measures 11 x 11 inches
· Holds .75 inch balls or less
· Can use balls, acorns, eggs, pom poms, marbles,stones or whatever creative idea you have!
· Number engraving available upon request
· Third party tested and CPSC approved and compliant

Ideas for playing with the wooden hundred board
1. Put objects in the board for fine motor skills development — first with fingers and then with tongs
2. Color sort with colored balls
3. Try out some simple counting exercises
4. Practice forming/creating shapes
5. Start adding and subtracting — add balls and take balls away to practice counting
6. Move on to some multiplication and division — place balls in different rows and then count away!
7. Available in buttery white maple (light wood, engraving is much clearer) or darker red cherry (dark wood).

All of our toys are made using the highest quality maple wood, non-toxic paints, and sealants that are food safe. The CPSC approval is made by third party labs and we maintain an up to date compliance certificate at all times.

Plain board : Wooden hundred board without any numbers
Engraved board: Wooden hundred board with numbers 1-100 engraved in the ball holders.
Balls: Either wooden balls or wool balls (Please note the balls are NOT engraved, the wooden hundred board is)

**** PLEASE NOTE ****
If you are getting the engraved board, please look through all the pictures. The contrast of the numbers (so easier to read) is much better with buttery white maple than dark red cherry.

Etsy sometimes overestimates or doesn't take flat rate options into account, wood is heavy and flat rate options is often cheaper. I always refund shipping overage.

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  • Rates calculated at checkout, please get in contact with us if you have any questions.
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