SECONDS/IMPERFECT Compass rose puzzle - cardinal directions Montessori activity

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These collection of products have some cosmetic flaws. They are perfectly functional but not up to our standards. 

This could be due to a wood knot, too shallow/too deep divots, hairs inside the engraving that couldn't be sanded, engraving not centered, letters off focus, etc.


One of the most fundamental orientation skills involves understanding the cardinal points/directions.

This Compass Rose Puzzle aids in teaching 8 cardinal points and how to read a compass. In addition to building geographical knowledge, this material allows the child to refine their fine motor skills and develop spatial awareness. It also fosters concentration and promotes a sense of order. 

The material includes: 

  • Wooden puzzle base made of buttery maple
  • 8 DOUBLE sided birch coins (one side features the symbol of the cardinal point, the other side features the name)
  • PDF of Compass Rose 3 part cards and a few fun games to play that familiarize a compass

Children will be drawn to the puzzle pieces as well as the visual in the center of the puzzle base. 

Variations for this work include removing the puzzle pieces out of order and arranging them on the work space out of order once they've been removed. Ideas for extensions include drawing one's own compass rose and labeling each direction. 

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