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Why is winter cold? What changes in nature during spring? Use this beautiful seasons wheel to explain WHY we see all the changes as season changes.

What is the reason for season? It is caused by the Earth's tilt. The inner part of this wheel shows the Earth's position during each season, making this an excellent tool to not only study the months of the year but to intuitively guide children to understand why winter is cold and summer is hot and all the other changes that come with changing season.

This work will not only allow children to develop their historical knowledge, but will allow for the continued development and refinement of fine motor skills, spatial understanding, concentration, and sense of order. 

Children will be drawn to the sensorial experience of moving the hands and to the beautiful images on the wheel. 

Variations: Ask the child to name a month of the year and try to determine what season it is within and use the wheel to check their work.

Extensions: Use the seasons wheel to make a yearly calendar, labeling each month of the year. Make a seasons calendar including each month of the year and adding drawings of flora and fauna from each season. 

This material is made of buttery white hardwood maple with cherry hands. The beautiful illustrations are printed on wood.

The wheel measures 6.5" in diameter.


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