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This puzzle provides a hands-on way for children to learn about the rock cycle. This beautiful puzzle features all the ways a rock is formed.

A puzzle within a puzzle - this material has all the parts of a volcano as well!

Base tray doubles as a rock sorting tray and the back has even more beautiful information on different styles of rocks, how they are formed, examples of each type of rock and famous landmarks made of those rocks to tie them all in the real life!

In addition to allowing the children to develop fascinating scientific knowledge, this material encourages the continual development and refinement of fine motor skills, spatial understanding, concentration, and sense of order. 

Children will be drawn to the varying sizes and shapes of each puzzle piece and the beautiful colors and images on them. They may also take interest in the labels and arrows.

Self-correcting indicators for this work include the size and shape of each puzzle piece and the size of the wooden base. 

Variations: Removing the puzzle pieces out of order. Arranging the puzzle pieces out of order when removed. 

Extensions: Draw or make a model of the rock cycle diagram including arrows and labels. Research one or more of the stages of the rock cycle and make a presentation.

The wooden puzzle pieces are made of ash, the base is maple, the labels are aspen, and the arrows are alder. 

Measures 8×11 

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