Pond study - pond ecosystem- layers of a pond

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Interactive pond study set! This set features beautiful illustrations of life in and around a pond. The moveable pieces make for an interesting storytelling experience. What better way to learn than through imaginative stories!

Without realizing they are learning, kids will play to learn that -

๐Ÿ  Pomd has 3 layers - Epilimnion/upper layer, thermocline/middle layer, hypolimnion/bottom layer

๐Ÿ  Top layer of the pond is home to many plants and animals including Water lily, Adult frog on a lily pad, young frog, frogspawn, woodduck, dragonfly, pond skater and floating Algae

๐Ÿ  Middle layer houses lifw including Newt, Leech, tadpoles in various stages of development, a minnow and a bluegill fish

๐Ÿ  Bottom layer is not densely populated but includes bones of dead animals, submergent water plants, pond snail to name a few.

๐Ÿ  Pond shore is thriving with small and big animals.

๐Ÿธ Complete life cycle of the frog and which layer of the pond a frog lives in each stage of its life.

And finally pond life cycle.

Made of maple (base) and Aspen (moveable pieces, they stand by latching on to the base), Cmyk ink and linseed oil.


Please note this picture is of a prototype. The final version (I will update the pictures) will have Pond ecosystem label on the base

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