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A number line board to grow with your child! The numbers are removable to be replaced with higher numbers, fractions, negative numbers or even money values.

Designed for visual learners, start with 0-10 or 0-20. Learn counting by skipping one. Learning addition by skipping forward and do subtraction by skipping backwards. Multiplication can be done by skip counting.

Once they have mastered basic arithmetic with positive integers, move on to negative numbers or fractions or money.

Both the 10 and the 20 number line is made of hardwood maple.

The 10 number line
- Comes with 15 wool balls (All 15 balls will be the same color)
- Measures 6"×15"
- Comes with 0-10 number coins

The 20 number line
- Comes with 25 wool balls (All 25 balls will be the same color)
- Measures 6"×23"
- Comes with 0-20 number coins

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