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Children will love learning about geography while perfecting fine motor skills. This set includes a very basic tonging and transferring activity designed around continents to improve fine motor skills in toddlers while also getting familiar with the shape and boundaries of each continent. What may seem like such a simple task can help a young child develop hand-eye coordination, spatial understanding, concentration, coordination, and order! The activity can be expanded into placing different colored balls where different countries are.

To extend this work, you could introduce a pair of tweezers to increase the level of fine motor control necessary. 

You can choose individual continents/countries or buy as a set of 7 continents.

If you choose individual continent/country, the material will include: 

  • Your chosen continent/country
  • Balls in the colors based on Montessori continent work (North America will have a bag of orange balls, South America will have a bag of pink balls, etc.)
  • One set of bamboo tongs

If you choose a set of 7 continents, the material will include: 

  • All 7 continent boards
  • 7 bags of colored balls
  • One set of bamboo tongs

Should you purchase the set of 7 continents, you can extend the child's learning by mixing the balls and displaying two or more continent boards at a time. 

Each continent board is made of buttery white maple.

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