Double sided Leaf puzzle, Leaves made of its own wood

made to order


This beautiful, natural wood toy leaf puzzle is designed to facilitate a child's learning in #botanyclass. It's essentially an entire mini-curriculum on leaves in one beautiful product! 🌿🍃

Children will love the sensorial experience of feeling the edges of the leaves and will be drawn to the beautiful colors and veining shown on each individual leaf. 

This material includes: 
🌿A wooden, maple base 
🌿 8 double-sided wooden leaf puzzle inserts each made of their respective woods (oak leaf in oak, ash made of ash, etc.) to allow the child to visualize what the wood looks like and to see the grain, color, and feel the hardness of each
🌿 The front of the leaf is its natural wood color with the veining engraved
🌿 The back of the leaves are their glorious fall colors

This puzzle not only allows children to refine their fine motor skills and develop spatial awareness, but fosters concentration and a sense of order for even the youngest child. Older children can add extra challenges by removing the leaves out of order or arranging them out of order once removed. This material can also be used to study chlorophyll (green), carotenoids (yellow/orange), anthocyanins (reds), and their various combinations. 

Ideas for extensions include tracing the leaves and labeling them, researching one or more types of leaves, and taking a nature walk to find these leaves or others to identify.

The leaves represented in this work are found in North America. Upon request, the puzzle can be customized to represent the leaves found in other regions as well. Each puzzle created will include leaves that showcase various leaf shapes, arrangements, and edges, as well as veining structure.

The fall colors of the leaves are printed with CMYK Ink (tested and compliant with CPSC regulations). The product has been finished with linseed oil. 

Measures 13"x8"

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