Layers of the Earth wooden puzzle - Great stories, Earth study - With PDF cards and companion guide

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What is inside our beautiful Mother Earth? The inside is dynamic, everchanging and mysterious. 

Advances in seismology have allowed us to learn a great deal about the Earth and the many layers that make it up. 

Usual puzzles only highlight the standard layers - crust, mantle and core. Simple enough? In reality it is not that simple. The crust is not uniform all across - Oceanic crust is different than continental crust. The mantle is not a solid layer; in fact, it is anything but that. It is dynamic and moving every second. New mountains are being formed by 2 plates colliding. Earthquakes and volcanos are shaping new landforms. 

Every day, every minute, every second, our fragile Earth is being shaped by the slow dance of the crust. 

This puzzle honors our beautiful Earth by featuring all the things that make up our current landforms and the future ones. It will allow your child to expand their geographical knowledge, while continuing to refine and develop their fine motor skills, spatial understanding, concentration, and sense of order. 

Children will be drawn to the beautiful colors of the puzzle pieces and will enjoy the sensorial experience of feeling the raised surfaces of the puzzle pieces.  

This set includes: 

  • Wooden puzzle base, Measures 11x11"
  • 5 wooden inserts -
  1. Top Earth layer showing the plates. Touch and feel!!! The continent areas are raised a little from the adjacent oceans. 
  2. Crust showcasing the thicker continental crust, thinner oceanic crust, plates, underwater volcano
  3. Inner and outer mantle
  4. Outer core
  5. Inner core
  • Wooden Labels

Variations and extensions for this work include arranging the puzzle pieces out of order when removing them, creating a felt version of the layers of the Earth, sorting rocks/minerals/animals/plants and placing them in their appropriate layer, tracing the layers on a sheet of paper and labeling them, researching one or more layers and creating a presentation, and encouraging the child to take an imaginary trip to the layers of the Earth and write about their voyage.

Each piece is made of maple wood. 

PDF research cards included: Oceanic crust, continental crust, magma, volcanic island, crustal plates, divergent and convergent boundaries, transform fault boundaries, plate boundary zones, inner mantle, outer mantle, inner core, outer core, lithosphere and asthenosphere.

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