Large 10 frame with engraved number - Ten frame

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Large Ten Frame is an exceptional educational tool designed to significantly enhance early numeracy skills in a tangible and interactive manner. Crafted with precision, each pocket of the ten frame has numbers and corresponding quantities engraved, making it a perfect blend of visual and tactile learning aids for children.

The standout feature of this large ten frame is its spacious design, allowing for the use of apples or similarly sized objects as manipulatives. This innovative approach not only makes learning more engaging but also helps children understand one-to-one correspondence in a very concrete way. As they place each apple into its designated pocket, young learners will naturally develop essential skills such as concentration, order, and coordination, laying a strong foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts.

For those seeking to introduce an additional layer of challenge and fine motor skill development, incorporating tongs or tweezers into the activity transforms it into a Practical Life exercise. This added complexity requires children to carefully pick up and place each apple, further enhancing their dexterity and focus.

For little ones who would like an extra challenge, you can add tongs or tweezers to add a Practical Life element as well. You can also use the board as an odd and even activity.

This material is made of maple and is 13"x6.5". 

**This listing includes the wooden ten frame only.

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