Interactive Montessori Teaching Clock - Master Time, Fractions & Skip Counting for Kids - Montessori learning clock

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Discover the joy of teaching time to young minds with our comprehensive Montessori teaching clock. This hands-on, interactive learning tool is designed to simplify the concept of time, fractions, and skip counting, making it an ideal teaching aid for both parents and educators alike.

Our Montessori clock features movable clock hands to help children understand the movement of time, while the included 12 blue 5-bead bars facilitate skip counting. The set also includes 5 fraction insets, representing whole, half, 1/12, 1/4, and 1/6 fractions, encouraging an early grasp of mathematical concepts. The clock is labeled with common ways to tell time, such as 'half past,' 'quarter past,' 'quarter to,' '5 past,' '10 past,' '5 to,' '10 to,' and 'o'clock,' aiding in vocabulary building.

With the inclusion of a screwdriver, children are empowered to assemble and manipulate the clock themselves, further enhancing their fine motor skills and promoting an engaging learning experience. **** THIS IS NOT A TOY. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AND ESSENTIAL. NOT FOR KIDS WHO STILL MOUTH THINGS. IT IS A CHOKING HAZARD ****

This teaching clock is not just a time-teaching tool but a complete package to learn to tell time. By making abstract concepts tangible and fun, our Montessori teaching clock fosters a love for learning and provides the building blocks for future educational success.


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