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Discover the joy of learning the days of the week with our beautifully crafted Wooden Days of the Week Wheel - a perfect blend of education and play for your little ones. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, this compact and portable learning tool is small enough to accompany your child anywhere, yet captivating enough to engage their curiosity and excitement about the days and their sequence. The wheel's clever design integrates the vibrancy of the rainbow, with each of the seven days represented by a different color, making it a visually stimulating experience for children.

The Days of the Week Wheel is more than just an educational toy; it's an interactive learning experience that introduces the concept of time in a fun and intuitive manner. With a simple spin, children can see how the days flow into one another, making it easier to grasp the idea of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The wheel visually demonstrates the cyclical nature of the week, reinforcing the connection between the days and their order.

Perfect for hanging in a child's room or a classroom, the wheel comes equipped with a convenient keyhole in the back for easy display when not in use. This not only ensures that the learning continues even during downtime but also makes it a delightful addition to any educational setting or play area.

Whether you're looking for a unique gift, an educational aid, or a way to introduce the concept of time to your child in a playful manner, the Wooden Days of the Week Wheel is an excellent choice. Its interactive design encourages hands-on learning, making the concept of days and their cyclical nature both understandable and enjoyable for young minds. Bring home this delightful learning tool and watch as your child explores the colorful, engaging world of time and days.

Made of maple and aspen.

The rotating wheel measures 5", with the whole thing measuring a little less than 7"

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