Clock of Eons - Clock of eras

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Clock of Eons done in a hands on way. This puzzle not only has the labeled Eons/Eras but has major events highlighted for interesting conversations. For example, why did oxygenation happen AFTER cyanobacteria came into existence?

What is included?
Wooden puzzle base
7 wooden puzzle pieces
Labels with major events
Control card
(As pdf) blackline masters, 3 part cards and lesson plan.

The Clock of Eons puzzle will allow the child to develop historical knowledge of the passage of time while refining their fine motor skills, spatial understanding, concentration, and sense of order. Children will be drawn to the sensorial experience of removing and replacing the puzzle pieces, as well as to the beautiful colors of the pieces. 

The size of each puzzle piece and the size of the opening on the base serve as self-correcting measures for the child. 

A variation for this work is arranging the pieces out of order when removing them. Ideas for extensions include creating a felt version of the Clock of Eons, researching one or more of the eras/eons and creating a presentation, creating labels for various living things and placing them in on the puzzle in the era/eon in which they belong, and taking an imaginary trip to one of the eras/eons and writing about what Earth looks like and what was living/happening at that time. 

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