Branches of the Government - Upper elementary- wooden puzzle - The constituition board

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Looking for a fun and educational toy that teaches kids about the three branches of government? Presenting you the ultimate puzzle to do just that in a fun and engaging way!

  • This puzzle features three interlocking gears that move together, demonstrating how the executive, legislative, and judicial branches work in harmony with one another through checks and balances. 
  • Each gear has a designated color that matches its corresponding branch, making it easy for kids to identify and learn about each one. 
  • With its interlocking gears and color-coded design, the puzzle makes it easy for students to visualize the relationships between the branches and learn about their unique functions and responsibilities.
  • The puzzle also includes individual pieces that show the rules and responsibilities of each branch's members, which can be placed in the gears. 
  • The puzzle is self-correcting: once kids place all the coins of rules and responsibilities, they can flip it over to see if the color on the back of the coin matches that branch's color, ensuring they have placed them in the right spot. 
  • Additionally, there are labels for each branch title, each branch function, and checks and balances with each other, making it easy for kids to understand the functions and relationships of the three branches of government. 
  • Crafted from hardwood maple wood, this puzzle is built to last and will provide hours of educational fun for children of all ages. 
  • It's perfect for your classrooms as a fun and engaging activity in your social science shelf.

Each gear can be taken out to study a single brach at a time.

Measures 15"x15"

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