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Bohr atomic model is one of the best way to get somewhat of a visual representation (although incomplete) of atomic structure and understand why atoms behave the way they do.

This board captures as much details into it as possible, to make it more intuitive. For example, the different energy levels are engraved to be steps. To move to a higher energy level the electron needs more energy to "climb the stair" so to speak. And when it moves to a lower energy level, it releases energy.

The atomic subshells are labeled and so are the spin of the electrons.

This board comes with a booklet, a little teachers guide to help guide the student through
✓ Basic terms (atom, electron, proton, neutron, orbitals, energy levels, nucleus etc)
✓ Different atomic models through the years
✓ Bohr atomic structure in more detail
✓ Shortcomings in the model and making way for quantum mechanics.

Sized generously 14"x13" Made of buttery white maple.

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