Free lesson plans/Curriculum

How to use these lesson plans?

If you are an educator -

You can use these as a backbone for unit studies/seasonal investigations. Add in related books and set up the experiments, that should give a good overview of the topic before diving into anything that the child would like to deeper research on.

If you are a parent (and not homeschooling) -

Download the lesson plan on the topic that your kids are most excited about. Read through it to refresh your memory. For older kids, who can read and do a little bit of research, give them the lesson plan and see how much they can cover themselves. If they need help with any activities, you will be able to help them easily. For younger kids, decide what activities among the listed ones are easier to do and most accessible. Set them up with those and guide when needed. The coloring pages and the glue/make projects especially should be much easier, look for those. Make use of the virtual field trips in the related areas.



  • Topics covered: Bird basics, bird beak, bird feet and bird wings (bird feathers, eggs/nests and bird habitats will be added to the lesson plan in Spring)
  • Grades: PreK-5
  • Download the lesson plan

Night sky



  • Topics covered: Pollination, self & cross pollination, pollinator syndromes, different animal pollinators and different flower types (wind and air pollination will be added later this year)
  • Grades: Grade 1-5
  • Download the lesson plan

Solar system

  • Topics covered: Sun, planets in the solar system, NASA, Layers of the Sun, moon and the Earth, dwarf planets
  • Grades: PreK - 6
  • Download the lesson plan


  • Topics covered: Insects, Butterfly vs Moth, Butterfly anatomy, Male vs Female butterfly, Butterfly life cycle, metamorphosis, butterfly symmetry, Butterfly habitat
  • Grades: PreK- 12
  • Download the lesson plan

Honey bee (Available week of 3/23/2020)

  • Topics covered
  • Grades:
  • Download the lesson plan

 Unit studies coming in Spring

  • Spring equinox
  • Worms/Under the soil
  • Plant life cycles