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It’s a game for the birds! Our children’s wooden bird nest puzzle is a great way to build memory and learn about some fascinating birds and their habitats. Every nest is an architectural marvel, and we’re featuring 8 birds and their unique nests for your child to match. Happy matching!

Children’s Wooden memory Puzzle - Birds’ nest Set
· Educational and creative toy inspired by nature
· Features 8 different birds and nests
· Match the bird to their respective nest
· Purchase 2 sets and match bird to bird and nest to nest
· Made of high-quality maple
· Eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced wood
· Non-toxic CMYK Ink and Polycrylic finish
· Tested and CPSC approved and compliant


The birds and nests are chosen after a lot of research to represent a variety of nests.

Swallow and the Adherent nest
Hummingbird and the Cup nest
Kinglet and the Pensile nest
Oriole and the Pendant nest
Owl and the Cavity nest
Stork and the Platform nest
Grebe and the Floating nest
Killdeer and the Ground nest

What is included
16 square pieces - 8 birds and 8 nests
Cotton drawstring bag to keep them all in one place
PDF of a set of cards - The cards have an actual image of the nest in nature, a short description of the nest type and a couple of birds that build that type of nest.

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Etsy sometimes overestimates or doesn't take flat rate options into account, wood is heavy and flat rate options is often cheaper. I always refund shipping overage.

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