Ten frame - Read build write Numeracy board

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Introducing our innovative Wooden Read, Build, Write Numeracy Board – a dynamic educational tool designed to inspire a love for numbers and foundational math skills in young learners. This versatile board is engineered to provide an interactive and hands-on approach to numeracy, making math both fun and accessible.

Read Phase: Begin the mathematical journey with the 'Read' segment, where students are introduced to numbers and basic math operations through visual aids such as number cards, symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This stage is designed to enhance number recognition and understanding of basic math concepts, setting a solid foundation for further exploration.

Build Phase: Move on to the 'Build' section, where learners can use physical counters (wool balls are included), to construct equations or number sequences. By physically manipulating these elements, students can explore mathematical relationships, practice counting, and begin to understand the principles of addition, subtraction, and beyond. This tactile experience reinforces cognitive connections between numbers and their real-world applications.

Write Phase: Conclude the learning cycle in the 'Write' area of the board, which features a chalkboard for students to write down the numbers or equations they've built. This practice not only helps in memorizing mathematical concepts but also improves handwriting and number formation skills. Writing out equations and solutions allows for a deeper internalization of math skills, encouraging precision and accuracy.

Our Wooden Read, Build, Write Numeracy Board is an essential tool for educators and parents aiming to cultivate early mathematical skills, promote numerical literacy, and instill a sense of confidence in young mathematicians. It’s more than just a teaching aid; it’s a stepping stone to a lifelong journey of numerical exploration and discovery.

What is included?

  • Board
  • 12 balls (colors will vary)

The board is made of maple and the balls are wool. 

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