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Want an intuitive way to work with fraction manipulation? This board is the answer!

You can manipulate the pieces and using the rings, see why the answer is what it is. Check us out on Instagram @mirustoys to watch a video on how to use this material. 

This material includes: 

  • Wooden fraction manipulation base with dry erase areas
  • 4 fraction rings (degrees, fractions, time percentages)
  • 1 or 2 sets of fractions ranging in quantity from 1/2 to 1/10 and a whole 

This work allows you to: 

  1. Compare 2 fractions and see which is bigger/smaller
  2. Explore equivalent fractions
  3. Convert improper fractions to proper fraction and vice-versa
  4. Add 2 fractions
  5. Subtract 2 fractions
  6. Multiply a fraction by a whole number
  7. Multiply 2 fractions
  8. Divide a fraction by a whole number
  9. Divide 2 fractions
  10. Understand fractional measures of time and perform operations with fractions of time
  11. Convert fractions to percentages
  12. Convert fractions to degrees 

Children will love the manipulation of the fraction pieces and the ability to record part of their work on the dry erase section of the board. 

The base is made of cherry and the dry erase area is acrylic. The fraction circle and rings are made of aspen.

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