SECONDS/IMPERFECT Alphabet Tracing board, Montessori colors, D'Nealian font with guided arrows

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**** This listing is for the alphabet board in Montessori colors ******

An alphabet tracing board that allows the child to effortlessly learn the correction formation of the letters of the alphabet! Why this board when there are plenty?

  1. D'Nealian (R) handwriting is one of the most popular programs for learning to write letters.
  2. The letter formation arrows provide a control of error, gently guiding the child with visual cues on how to form the strokes correctly. That makes this material intuitive and easy to follow.
  3. Colored letters not only provide contrast to promote concentration, but they are colored based on Montessori principles including differentiating between vowels and consonants. 

The board can be used in many ways: 

  • Learn the correct formation of letters in the alphabet
  • Letter rubbing
  • A mold for playdough for a sensorial experience.
  • Can be used with the stylus or with fingers. The grooves are smooth and inviting for little fingers to trace.


  • Uppercase only
  • Lower case only
  • Double-sided (Uppercase on one side and lowercase on the other)

What is included?

  • 14"x9" board - great size for a lapboard
  • 6" wooden stylus

Shipping note: Etsy sometimes overestimates or doesn't take flat rate options into account, wood is heavy and flat rate options is often cheaper. I always refund shipping overage.

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