SECONDS/IMPERFECT Cursive alphabet tracing board

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These collection of products have some cosmetic flaws. They are perfectly functional but not up to our standards. 

This could be due to a wood knot, too shallow/too deep divots, hairs inside the engraving that couldn't be sanded, engraving not centered, letters off focus, etc.



Our beautiful alphabet board in cursive! Practice this beautiful form of handwriting and perfect it with the help of this all natural wooden teacing board.

Made of beautiful hardwood maple, the grooved letters provide the perfect tactile input for the child. The contrasting, yet pleasing colors help put the concentration right on the alphabet to keep them "playing". They won't even realize they are learning to write, it is a great tactile play tool.

The different colored vowels and consonants provide the subconscious idea that these are different. So when they are ready to learn about vowels, the blue letters will be fresh in their memories.

Sized generously at 8"x19", yet perfect for the child lap and a size that can be independently accessed by the child.

Comes with a wooden "pencil" to practice writing, of course fingers are always the first writing tool.

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