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Craft an engaging and educational experience with our multifunctional Wooden Read/See, Build, and Write Board, designed to enrich your student's learning journey through interactive literacy activities. This versatile board serves as a comprehensive tool to enhance reading, spelling, and writing skills in a fun, hands-on manner.

**Read/See Phase:** Initiate the learning adventure by introducing a word through a flashcard or a tangible toy representing an object or animal. This step encourages learners to either read the word aloud or, for non-readers, to see and say, fostering early vocabulary recognition and phonemic awareness.

**Build Phase:** Transition into the tactile learning stage by using an array of letter tiles, magnetic letters, or our custom printable moveable alphabet. Students engage in constructing the word, meticulously placing each letter while phonetically sounding out the segments. This kinesthetic activity supports spelling acquisition, phonics understanding, and reinforces letter-sound correspondence in an enjoyable, interactive way.

**Write Phase:** Culminate the learning process with writing practice on the board's integrated chalkboard or dry erase surface. This final step allows learners to solidify their grasp of the word through physical writing, enhancing fine motor skills, and embedding the word's spelling and meaning into memory.

Our Wooden Read/See, Build, and Write Board is not just a teaching aid; it's a bridge to literacy that offers a multi-sensory learning experience, making it an indispensable tool for educators and parents alike in nurturing confident readers and writers.

Includes a pdf of moveable alphabet and words for you to cut and use.

Wooden moveable alphabet and animals not included. Shown as an example. If you would like to buy moveable alphabet, this works great

Measures 11x11"

Made of maple

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