SECONDS/IMPERFECT Layers of the atmosphere puzzle

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These collection of products have some cosmetic flaws. They are perfectly functional but not up to our standards. 

This could be due to a wood knot, too shallow/too deep divots, hairs inside the engraving that couldn't be sanded, engraving not centered, letters off focus, etc.



Up, up and up we go! What do we find? Earth's atmosphere is a multi-layered cake, each with its own flavors/properties. Where can a commercial aircraft fly? Can it fly closer to the Aurora Borealis?

This beautiful layered puzzle takes it up step by step. Each layer has little manipulative wooden inserts to be placed (such as a weather balloon, satellite, etc.) in their appropriate layers.

This work is a great way for children to expand their geographical knowledge, while continuing to build and refine their fine motor skills, spatial understanding, concentration, and sense of order. 

Children are sure to love the sensorial experience of moving the layers, the vibrant colors of the puzzle pieces and wooden inserts, and the vertical nature of the manipulative inserts. 

You might try to challenge your child by arranging the puzzle pieces out of order when removing them. They can also make their own felt version of the puzzle, trace the layers on a sheet of paper and label them, research one or more layers and create a presentation, or even take an imaginary trip to one of the Earth's layers and write about their voyage!

Self-correcting indicators for this material include the size of each puzzle piece and the size of the spots on the wooden base. 

This material comes with a key printed on 8x10 canvas.


Measures 11x11" and made of hardwood maple.

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