Welcome to Love of Learning blog


This is my first post. So first things first... introduction.

My name is Suba. I am a computational biologist by training. I quit my job when I got pregnant with my daughter. At that time I started researching toys and stumbled upon the Montessori philosophy. After googling for DIY instructions on mobiles, I bought a scroll saw off of Craigslist. I embarked on a journey to make everything from mobiles to teethers for my daughter. 

As she grew, I wanted more complex toys for us to play together. After finding the same wooden trains and blocks (which are wonderful and we have many!) I decided to start making my own to add some variety to the mix. That was 3 years ago, I haven't stopped since. 

Inspired by my kids, every single toy is designed by me. Our little company has grown from just me working in the garage to 4 of us (all women and 2 of us are differently-abled) working out of a warehouse in the beautiful pacific northwest. 

Our toys offer designs that are original, safe, thoughtful, well-researched, and purposeful. Each item meets and exceeds the guidelines set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission for Children's toys. The children’s safety is priority #1.

When you choose Mirus Toys, you are selecting products that:

  • Encourage the child’s curiosity and creativity
  • Include for learners who are neurotypical and neurodiverse
  • Allow for hands-on, multi-sensory exploration and learning
  • Bring complex concepts into a hands-on toy that will engage your learner on many levels
  • Provide for control of error and self-correction
  • Emphasize the incredible learning process, not the result

I plan to use this blog to share helpful resources, scientific articles that are relevant and downloads and printables of seasonal activities. Basically everything that will nurture the love of learning for our children.

Welcome! Make yourself at home! Contact me with any questions, comments or to just say hi :)