The Prepared Adult: Celebrating Montessori Guides During Teacher Appreciation Week

The Prepared Adult: Celebrating Montessori Guides During Teacher Appreciation Week

Maria Montessori spoke at length about the importance of the role of the prepared adult. She encouraged that Montessori guides should undergo physical, intellectual, and spiritual preparation and that they should fulfill the roles of both scientist and saint. What a lofty task! 

Teacher Appreciation Week (celebrated May 8 - May 12, 2023) is a perfect time to celebrate and honor all of the incredible Montessori guides who embrace the privilege of nurturing children in our communities, doing it with passion, dedication, grace, and seemingly boundless energy that make every day exciting and fun! 

The Best Gifts for Montessori Guides

As parents and caregivers, we often want to show our appreciation to teachers during this special week by showering them with gifts. In the spirit of honoring and empowering the child, it makes the gift extra special if you consult your child on what they think their teacher will like and involve them in purchasing (or making) the gift. 

Here are some great ideas for gifts to help nurture your child’s Montessori teacher’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual spirits as they work continuously to fulfill the role of the prepared adult for your child. 

  • A card or letter from the student (a perfect gift in and of itself or in addition to another gift if you prefer)
  • Something handmade from the student (maybe something knitted or embroidered, a homemade beeswax candle, bath scrub, or even homemade baked goods)
  • Gift cards (Etsy, Amazon, Target, Teachers Pay Teachers, Starbucks - just to name a few popular options, or choose a local store or restaurant you know your child’s teacher loves)
  • Gift an experience - maybe your child’s teacher loves relaxing at the spa, practicing yoga, getting an adrenaline rush while rock climbing, or honing their problem solving skills playing an escape room (Groupon is a great place to check for affordable experiences to gift!)
  • If your child’s teacher loves to read, a new book is always a great idea! 
  • New art supplies for the creative teacher is a wonderful way to inspire them to reconnect with one of their passions. 
  • Something that encourages and promotes self-care (bath bombs, candles, lotion)
  • Personalized items like pens, notepads, notebooks, stamps, thank you cards, or totes 
  • A small plant or some flowers for the Montessori teacher with a green thumb

If you’re looking for something uniquely Montessori, check out these beautiful handmade gifts created especially for Montessorians: 

We Appreciate You

On behalf of everyone at Mirus Toys, thank you to Montessori guides around the world for all that you do! Your work makes a difference in the lives of children and families. As Dr. Montessori said, “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind,” and the incredible work that you do every day adds to that hope and promise and deserves recognition all year long.



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 is a Montessori Coach & Consultant, a Montessori teacher trainer, and a blog writer and content creator.  Formerly, she was a Montessori teacher, Lower Elementary coordinator, associate head of school, and a Montessori nanny/in-home teacher. She also has experience as a School Psychologist intern. She is AMS credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I) and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Contact her at