Studying Honey Bees in a Montessori Primary Classroom

Studying Honey Bees in a Montessori Primary Classroom

The world is buzzing with life during the spring; quite literally, actually, in a honey bee hive where more than 50,000 bees emerge from their winter cluster and begin completing their many jobs. With so much buzz surrounding the lives and jobs of honey bees, there is sure to be a hive-full of information for children to learn so get buzzing!

Montessori Classroom Activities

  • Build a wild beehive
  • Visit a local beekeeper
  • Introduce a practical life activity that includes honey
  • Do a honey taste testing
  • Demonstrate how pollen sticks to bees - the guide dips their hands into feathers or cotton balls using gloves covered in double-sided tape
  • Visit a flower garden to observe honey bees in action 
  • Do printing with bubble wrap to make a hive 
  • Make beeswax candles
  • Dissect a flower 
  • Discuss that a queen bee can lay 1,000 eggs each day using the 1,000 cube from the Golden Beads materials as a visual 
  • Discuss the shape of honeycombs as perfect hexagons using the Geometric Cabinet
  • Have the children practice making hexagon shapes for honeycombs using a peg board

Montessori Classroom Materials