Montessori Social Media Recommendations: YouTube Channels

Montessori Social Media Recommendations: YouTube Channels

YouTube channels have become increasingly popular sources of education and entertainment. They’re easy to access, they’re multi-task friendly, and they foster a sense of connection because they feel like you’re hanging out with a friend having a discussion. 

For educators, parents and caregivers whose lives are so busy, we hope to provide you with some positive, reliable, Montessori-aligned podcast recommendations to support your journey! 


Here are some of the most popular Montessori YouTube channels: 

    • Guide & Grow - This channel presents many helpful topics to equip parents and caregivers with practical skills and vital knowledge to empower children with the endless opportunity to grow lifelong skills. Based on Montessori principles, founder, Sylvia Arotin, and other guests discuss important topics from incorporating Montessori in the home to dealing with challenging everyday moments through vital communication skills. 
    • Hapa Family - Montessori mother and 0-3 guide-in-training, Ashley, creates content for busy parents who want to learn practical tips and advice for implementing Montessori at home with their children. 
    • The Hidden Gem - Stay at home mom and former teacher, Gemma, shares videos about Montessori, respectful parenting, weaning, play and other topics related to parenting young children in a natural, child-led way. 
    • The Montessori Notebook - Simone Davies, Montessori teacher and parent, brings Montessori into your home, introducing Montessori ideas in a simple, fun way for parents and caregivers. 
    • Child of the Redwoods - Aubrey Hargis, author, parent coach, and educational consultant, and her husband, David Hargis, help parents unlock the power of Montessori in their homes. 
    • Montessori for Babies - A new series of simple videos featuring Montessori-inspired ideas and activities for children from 0-3 years. 
    • Montessori Family - Montessori Family presents videos with tips to help parents and caregivers implement Montessori ideas at home. These strategies will help make your house and family life welcoming to your child, their needs, and their thrive for independence. 
    • This Family Thing - Mom and Montessori-inspired at home childcare provider, Kayla, shares her passion for child development, nature, spirituality, DIYs and learning in a holistic, natural, and child-led way. Her videos discuss various parenting styles, child development, and personal development to help you along your parenting and caregiving journey. 
    • Living Montessori Now - The Living Montessori Now Youtube channel shares Montessori-inspired activities and ideas to help parents, caregivers, and educators use Montessori principles and methods in Montessori schools, traditional classrooms, homeschools, in parenting, and life in general. 
    • Voila Montessori - The host of The Art of Parenting podcast and Montessori guide, Jeanne-Marie Paynel, combines her three passions, Montessori, Conscious Parenting, and Positive Discipline, to help parents and caregivers appreciate the true importance of their role as they support and guide the child’s natural development. 
    • The Montessori Show - Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook and Jeanne-Marie Paynel from Your Parenting Mentor host The Montessori Show on the last Friday of every month, providing practical tips and answering questions to help educators, parents, and caregivers learn how to raise curious learners, put the fun back into learning, and bring the calm back into your classrooms and homes. 
    • ShillerLearning - ShillerLearning empowers parents and caregivers with Montessori-based teaching lessons, materials, and tricks, helping you bring classic Montessori materials into the home. 
    • Mumma Diaries by Amruta Ram - Montessori mom, Amruta Ram, shares her Montessori-inspired early learning journey. This is the perfect place to find out about Montessori-inspired works and toddler activities. 
    • Maria and Montessori - First-time mom, Maria, talks about real Montessori - what it looks like in the everyday home and how to make it work for your family. Maria debunks Montessori myths through her Montessori, motherhood, and childcare videos and vlogs. 
    • Wonderful World of Montessori - This channel helps Montessori guides and parents around the globe who are interested in the Montessori Method. Montessori presentations are given using traditional Montessori materials. 
    • ETC Montessori - ETC Montessori’s mission is the development and publishing of Montessori curriculum. On their channel, they present new Montessori presentations to help educators and parents learn how to present lessons associated with their materials. 
    • Montessori Education - Montessori guide, Jesse McCarthy, shares videos introducing the Montessori Method and philosophy. Classic Montessori materials and presentations are introduced and Montessori parenting and caregiving strategies are discussed by experts in the field.



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