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Looking for a simple and effective way to help your child identify and cope with their emotions? Look no further than the Emotion Wheel for kids! Based on the Zones of Regulation, this color-coded wheel is the perfect tool for children to start learning about their emotions in a fun and engaging way.

Research has shown that children who can recognize and manage their emotions have better behavior, school success, and social relationships. The Emotion Wheel for kids is an excellent starting point to expand your child's emotive vocabulary and set them on the path to emotional intelligence.

The Zones of Regulation divides emotional states into four basic zones, making it easy for children to follow. Once your child has a solid understanding of the different zones and can identify which zone they're in, it's easier to teach them about more complex emotions.

Emotions included are - Calm, Happy, Very Happy (green zone), Wiggly, Frustrated (yellow zone), Mad (red zone), Sad, Tired (blue zone).

With the Emotion Wheel for kids, your child will be able to identify and understand their emotions, leading to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. It's an essential tool for parents, teachers, and therapists to help children develop healthy coping skills and resilience.

How to use it?

Practice spinning the wheel with your child and making facial expressions that match what is shown. Discuss what that emotion might feel like and ways they might regulate themselves if needed. You might even want to provide your child with a mirror so they can see themselves making the faces and try to match the ones shown on the wheel. 

Children will be drawn to the faces on the wheel, the beautiful colors, and the fun of the spinner (a great way to continue developing fine motor skills, too)! 

An idea for an extension for an older child is to draw and label their own emotions wheel.

Measures 8.5" in diameter and made of hardwood maple.

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