Montessori symmetry board - tracing board - prewriting board - types of lines- fine motor skills

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Mother nature's beauty is full of symmetry! Using that marvel, this board helps to strengthen the fine motor skills and explore the motions of writing.

What is included with this set?
- Base board, half of it is recessed to place either one of the provided template or place any 4x6 picture. This space can also be used for sand or salt for tracing. The other half has chalkboard surface to trace what is om the other side or for you to draw new images/alphabet for them to trace.
- 8 starter templates for tracing. I have choosen these 8 templates to cover basic shapes (squares and curves), types of lines, flower, land animal and a marine animal to show symmetry is present everywhere. This will be a springboard to point out how symmetry is present everhwhere, what is the symmetry line or different types of symmetry.
- 2 wooden dowel "pencils"

How to use the board?
1) Use it as a symmetry board using pictures or provided template. Simply place the template and let the child finish the picture. The templates go from sinple to complicated to grow with the child's mastery.
2) Use it as a tracing board. Flip the board, fill the recessed space with sand and draw something on the chalkboard surface for the child to copy and trace with the provided wooden dowel "pencil".

The board is made of maple, aspen and CPSC compliant chalkboard vinyl. Both regular chalk or chalk markers can be used.

Measures about 7.5x11"

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