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My daughter has been quite obessed with ballet for the past few months.  We were watching a bunch of ballet Youtube videos when we came across one called "Ballet rotoscope." It is fascinating to watch!  In essence, it shows how the movements of a dancer can be abstracted into a set of lines that move through space.  The mesmerizing beauty of the dance is fundamentally driven by elements of geometry that humans find appealing. 

Understanding the different types of lines and how their relationships significantly impact the way we observe the world around us makes geometry come alive! 

Convergent lines, for example, are extensively used in art to create a three-dimensional look in two-dimensional paper.  In architecture, a horizontal line conveys a feeling of rest, while a vertical line evokes feelings of loftiness and spirituality.

I believe starting with "why" something is applicable to a child is a very important first step in teaching them any new concept.  If we start with the "why" behind the things in their magical world, it makes the process of learning easy and rewarding. This has always been the goal for each one of my products.

Expanding the art and math line, introducing the first in the series of Elements of Art - Lines. This will be a beautiful starting point for Geometry!

The full set features: 
〰️ Tracing board with picture pocket. Fits a standard 8x10 photo. Slip the photo into the pocket and the child can draw, trace, explore, and discover the emotion and character of any subject - be it an artwork, sculpture, famous building or NYC subway system!
〰️ 5 stencils featuring basic type of lines. Each stencil has the line itself for tracing, crayon rubbing or for seek and find games; name of the line and also 2 real images to kick start their discovery of lines - one from nature and one man made.
〰️ 5 stencils with variations of lines.
〰️ Labeled box to keep all the stencils organized.
〰️ PDF of cards on different types of lines and vocabulary related to lines (parts of a line, point, angle, etc.).

Tracing board is made of maple and plexiglass. Stencils are cherry with a maple box.

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